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Safety and Security


Upcoming Safety and Security Meeting: Monday, April 8th at 5:00 pm, at the Whitehouse ISD ESC.

Notice and Agenda

Prepare           Prevent           Protect

Welcome to the website for  Safety and Security. Please take some time and look at the resources and information provided here. We believe Vigilance must be constant and to prepare, prevent, and protect is at the core of what we do to be able to provide for a safe and caring environment for all students, staff, and visitors at each of our facilities. We know our partnerships with students, parents, the community, and other stakeholders are a vital component in carrying out the Whitehouse ISD Strategic Plan.



See Something, Say Something!

Community members, parents, staff, and students are an important part of creating a safe and caring environment in our schools. If you see, hear, or read something unsettling, please report it immediately by clicking the link below or telling a school official and/or the police. We will continue to investigate any reported tips and remain vigilant in our efforts to maintain school safety.


Say SomethingSay Something