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School Safety and Security Committee


The School Safety and Security Committee is a working group of diverse individuals that serves the members of its school district or open-enrollment charter school by helping create and maintain a safe and secure school climate and culture for staff and students. 



For this committee to have a significant impact upon the school’s climate and culture, there is a need for representation from various perspectives on school safety and security. As a result, and to the greatest extent practicable, the committee must consist of at least the following individuals whose names are recorded in the district’s multi-hazard emergency operations plan (EOP) [TEC 37.108(f)(8) and TEC 37.109(a-1). 

  • The city or county’s Office of Emergency Manangement: at least one representative. 
  • The local police department or sheriff’s office: at least one representative. 
  • From the Board of Trustees:  the President and atleast one other representative of the Board.
  • From the District: the Superintendent and atleast another designee; one being a district classroom teacher.
  • Parents or guardian of currently enrolled students: atleast two.
  • If the District has an instructional partnership with an open-enrollment charter school – a member of the charter schools’ governing body, or their designee. 
  • If the District has its own police department: atleast one representative.


Safety and Security Committee Guidelines