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Guidelines for Volunteers

General Guidelines

Volunteers shall exercise mature judgment in supervising children and shall in all instances respect the student's rights and privacy.  It is essential that confidentiality is maintained.  Volunteers should discuss any concerns directly and exclusively with the supervising teacher.

Each administrator and faculty member will determine how to most effectively use volunteers.  In some cases, a decision may be made to use volunteers in classrooms other than that of a volunteer's child.

Disciplinary action is the legal responsibility of administrators and school staff.  Volunteers should not be put in a position of having to enforce discipline.  Volunteers experiencing a problem should immediately inform the teacher or appropriate staff member.


Dress Code

All Whitehouse ISD volunteers are required to dress in a manner that reflects an appearance appropriate for the position for which they will be volunteering and sets an example for students.  All volunteers shall observe modesty, appropriateness and neatness in clothing and personal appearance.  Any questions should be referred to the campus administrator.


Sign In & Out Procedures

All Whitehouse ISD campuses use the Raptor system to sign all visitors in and out.  This same system will be utilized for the volunteer program.  Once the volunteer application process is complete, the campus receptionist will scan the approved volunteer's driver's license and print a sticker badge that must be worn at all times while on campus for the day.  Volunteers must return to the office to be signed out by the receptionist.


Code of Conduct

  • Sign in and out with the campus office staff.  School personnel must know who is in the building.
  • Always wear your volunteer sticker badge while on campus so you are identifiable for the safety of our students and staff.
  • Dependability is a must.  Always be on time or call ahead in case of an absence.
  • Work under the direction of the school staff, recognizing that instructing, supervising, grading and disciplining students are school staff responsibilities.
  • Volunteers must appreciate the diversity of the students and shall not let his or her personal feelings or beliefs enter into his or her work as a volunteer.
  • Serve as a good role model for students in behavior, attitude, speech and dress.  Professionalism, courtesy and flexibility are all assets of a district volunteer.
  • Help boost every child's self-esteem by expressing as much approval as possible and refraining from criticism.


Working with Students

  • All meetings and / or activities with students must take place on the school campus or as part of a school-sponsored field trip.
  • All activities with a student or students must take place in a room with an open door or on the school grounds in sight of school staff.
  • Off-campus contact is strictly prohibited unless under direct supervision of school officials.
  • Transporting a student in a volunteer's personal car is prohibited.
  • Students must be transported in a school district vehicle or in a parent / guardian vehicle.
  • Volunteers should never be alone with any student in any vehicle.
  • Physical contact should be limited to holding a hand or giving a soft pat on the back.
  • Personal cell phone usage is discouraged while volunteering.  Volunteers cannot use their personal cell phone or any other electronic device to take photos of students, nor can volunteers post photos of students to personal social media accounts or transmit by text, e-mail or other method to a third party.


Removal from the Volunteer List

Volunteers may be removed from service from a campus or the district any time it is deemed necessary and appropriate to do so.  If a report is received of possible misconduct or involvement in an inappropriate activity by a volunteer, an investigation will be conducted by the administrator responsible for that campus or department.  This report of misconduct can be a verbal complaint or a written complaint made by a student, employee or community member.  Volunteers may be removed for inappropriate behavior or misconduct that impedes the daily operation of the campus.

If circumstance warrants it, the volunteer may be restricted immediately from service to the district, pending the outcome of any investigation.  Volunteers may also be excluded from working in the district or at particular campuses if the school administration and the Chief Human Resource Office conclude it is in the best interest of the district to do so.