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School Board Appreciation Month

Posted Date: 08/12/2020

School Board Appreciation Month

But it isn’t just a simple commitment. Serving as a locally elected board member means going through an election and making difficult decisions for the district, its employees, and its children. It means being available to hear from concerned parents in the grocery store, at the game, or over the backyard fence. It means committing to the time it takes to do the job right. And in Texas there is no pay for school board members, and there are training requirements, creating further demands on their time.


Fortunately, in every community, caring adults have signed on for the responsibility and hard work of making our schools the best they can be. They immerse themselves in learning what they need to know to make good decisions that will provide for students, from the very youngest to the graduating senior. Trustees are public servants who generously work to benefit the most vulnerable members of each community.


Take a moment to recognize your local trustees. Take a moment to honor the work they are doing to help your students blast off into the future. Take a moment to say thank you for the work board members are doing on your behalf. Join me in celebrating School Board Recognition Month throughout the month of January.


Meet the Board of Trustees:


(Bottom row): Vice President Dr. Todd Raabe, President Greg Hood, Secretary Holly Conaway

(Second row): Al Flanagan, Dr. Joseph Conflitti, Superintendent Dr. Christopher Moran, Wade Weathers, Kevin Cashion.