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CDC Update regarding Close-Contact Quarantine Guidelines

Posted Date: 12/03/2020

CDC Update regarding Close-Contact Quarantine Guidelines

Yesterday, Wednesday the 2nd of December, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced a change in the guidance for quarantined individuals, providing options that Whitehouse ISD will immediately take advantage of. Effective today, Thursday, December 3rd, quarantined individuals will only be required to do so for 10 days if they exhibit no symptoms. Further, the CDC provides a path for those in quarantine to return to school after 7 days with a negative test result if the person reports no symptoms.

Whitehouse ISD is coordinating with our local health officials on the specifics of the option for testing negative and returning to school after 7 days of quarantine and will communicate those guidelines to you as soon as possible. Campuses will be contacting those individuals currently in quarantine to apply the 10-day rule and do so retroactively. We will not apply the 7-day rule until we receive proper guidance from NETHealth and the Texas Education Agency, which is coming very soon.

This announcement is not to be confused with those individuals in isolation for COVID-19 or for those symptomatic required to isolate for 10 days. Rather, this change applies only to those who have been identified as having been in Close Contact. Whitehouse ISD believes everyone has a right to a safe and caring environment.