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Summer 2022


  • AM Routes will pick up all grades 3rd through 12th.
  • PM Route 1 will take home grades 6th through 12th beginning at 12 PM. 
  • PM Route 2 will take home grades 3rd through 5th beginning at 2 PM. 
Open each document. Use command keys, Ctrl+f to search the pdf document. Search for your address and/or street name to find the time the school bus will be picking up and/or dropping off your student. The bus stop address may not be your physical address. It is more than likely where your students normally get picked up by the school bus.
Please be out at your stop 10 minutes before and after the pick up time. 
If you have any questions, please email Mr. Matthew Pratt at

Attention parents, 

There are no guest riders allowed until further notice on any WISD buses at this time.